Our people are our strength

Health Vision Enterprise is a marketing-driven pharmaceutical company that was founded in 1995. Our focus is on in-licensing, marketing, and sales of niche and innovative pharmaceutical products and medical devices that can improve the health of the Chinese people. We are a learning organization with a “win-win” culture that promotes development and a strong sense of achievement in our employees.

“We work hard and play hard. It is important that what we do in our work is meaningful, fulfilling and gives us a sense of making a contribution to improving the health of China’s people.”

  • Developing our People
    • We invest in people through training and development that is tailored to your needs and strengths. Our management is committed to open and honest communication, and supporting their team members in achieving their goals.

  • Our Values
    • At Health Vision Enterprise, we choose to practice positive core values, to passionately pursue excellence, and to create an enjoyable environment for all. Our P.R.O.M.I.S.E. culture forms the foundation of everything that we do.

      Passion for excellence: being the best through continual improvement

      Respect: developing mutual trust through open and honest communication

      Ownership: taking initiative and following through on commitments in achieving results

      Maximisation of resources: creating efficiency through synergy and collaboration

      Integrity: building long-term relationships by doing what is right

      Service-oriented: creating value and exceeding expectations by taking one step further

      Enjoy: working better by creating a happy environment

  • Caring for Communities
    • One of the elements of our corporate vision is to contribute to society by caring for the under-privileged in China. We encourage our people to participate in our sharing – not only to benefit others, but to broaden their own experiences and develop a deeper sense of humanity.

      “Dream Home” is a project that we currently support in Anshan, Liaoning. It is a communal home founded by Bai Jian for under-privileged children. Bai Jian is an ordinary physical education teacher, and an extraordinary father to many children. The children eat together, exercise together, do chores together, attend schooling, learn traditional Chinese culture, and develop into well-rounded young people – ready to go to college. His home is a place of dreams and new beginnings.

  • Rewarding Performance
    • At Health Vision Enterprise, we celebrate our achievements and reward our people. Our rewards include:

      1. Competitive salaries
      2. Performance bonuses and incentives
      3. Recognition programmes for exceptional achievements